Mission Statement:

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your dancing goals; whether that be
improved health, a hobby, special occasions (wedding or parties) or produce
more romance in your life

My wife and I took ballroom dancing from
Steve at AUM. We enjoyed it so much we
invited him to come out to The Waters to
teach beginners,  intermediate and
advanced lessons.

I highly recommend Steve to your
organization or church. Ballroom dancing is
great fun and will definitely enrich your

Dr Mike Darnell, Marriage and Family Counselor

“The ballroom dance class was great! We
had more fun and I can’t wait to take the
intermediate class. Steve is a terrific
instructor and took time with each of us if we
needed additional instruction.”

Frances Brown

I hope you realize when we took our first
ballroom dance class from you years ago it
started something very special.  Not only did
we go through just about every stage of
your various levels - it inspired us to do
something very unique in life.  

Eighteen months ago we started
construction of our very own "outdoor dance
floor" - and now it's totally finished with a
hardwood (Caribbean Heart Pine) dance
floor built to our liking. It wasn't easy -
however, but building it about 3"-4" off the
concrete block it allows air to pass under it
and keep it dry.  The use-able space for
dancing is about 650 sq. ft. - and the total
building almost 1000 sq. ft.

I hope you share this with your new students
on their first night. I remember how you told
us "...one of you has wanted to do this for
years ... and the other finally agreed...".  
Well, warn them this can happen to them

Dave & Katherine Rees
Steve Chambers
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Experience: 39 Years

I began teaching with Arthur
Murray Dance Studio's in
Currently Teaching .at
Tonya's Speed Dance
Montgomery Independent Dance Article
Dance lessons have made me
think about leading, following
Sherry Debray
Making A Difference
Ballroom Dancing in the classroom