Do you feel like you have "two left feet" and would like to be more
comfortable on the dance floor? Do you want to learn to dance for a special
occasion, getting fit/staying in shape or for a lifetime of enjoyment?  

No matter what the reason, there are
classes for dancers of all levels, from
beginners with no experience at all to advanced dancers.

The ballroom dance craze is sweeping the country.  Be a part of the fun and
join the many people enjoying the benefits of dancing
You will be taught the basic patterns of the most popular dances of today.  
You will learn to dance to a variety of music and tempos. Resulting in you
becoming a good all-around comfortable dancer, at ease on the floor with
any partner.

As you progress you will learn additional variations and styles in each
dance allowing you to move competently and easily on a crowded floor. You
will acquire more grace and poise, resulting in an increased sense of
accomplishment and self confidence.

I encourage you to reap the wonderful benefits that dancing has to offer you!
Steve Chambers
Ballroom Dance Instructor

Contact me anytime!
I am looking forward to
hearing from you.
with or without a partner

It's Fun Easy and Affordable